Couple of fantastic lines from Ross Macdonald’s The Far Side of the Dollar.

28 Jun

Reading Ross Macdonald. A very fine writer and superb crime writer. Strangely under-recognized. Here’s a great little paragraph:

“He put on a black rubber raincoat. Lion and I followed him down a narrow aisle between two lines of wrecked cars. With their crumpled grilles and hoods, shattered windshields, torn fenders, collapsed roofs, disemboweled seats, and blown-out tires, they made me think of some ultimate freeway disaster. Somebody with an eye for detail should make a study of automobile graveyards, I thought, the way they study the ruins and potsherds of vanished civilizations. It could provide a clue as to why our civilization is vanishing.”

Here’s another:

“There were shadows huddling with shadows behind the bar. I raised my glass to them in a gesture I didn’t quite understand, except that there was relief in darkness and silence in whisky.”

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