First lines. Work in progress. Novellas.

28 Jun

Finished second draft of new novellas. They are tentatively titled 1. The Sleepless Dragon on the Snow-white Sands; 2. The Utility Organism; and 3. The Brotherhood of the Eye and the Nation of Perverts. Here are the first lines:


Sleepless Dragon:

“February 5. Dear Evan, You’re in Afghanistan by now, and I’m in Pensacola, and I don’t know who has it worse. That’s a joke.”


Utility Organism:

“The dawn appears in silver ribbons and Joe’s head aches with his love for the world.”



“September 14. I’ve been instructed by my doctor to keep a diary. He’s established some rules.”

Will keep people updated. Wish me luck.

One Response to “First lines. Work in progress. Novellas.”


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    […] been trudging along. I haven’t yet sent the novellas out yet (You can read the first lines here), but I’ve started a new manuscript. It doesn’t have a title. I won’t tell you […]

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