Interlude: my dad’s counter-best-of science fiction list. (It’s not as good.)

18 Sep

My dad loves science fiction, and I challenged him to come up with a better list than mine. This is his response. (He began his list with, “Oh, you poor, illiterate, misguided person . . .”) My comments to follow.

1.      1984—George Orwell

2.      Dune—Frank Herbert

3.      The Mote in God’s eye—Pournelle and Niven

4.      Lucifer’s Hammer—Pournelle and Niven

5.      If this goes on—Robert Heinlien

6.      Stranger in a strange land—Robert Heinlein

7.      Ender’s game—the short story, not the novel—Orson Scott Card

8.      The Foundation Trilogy—Issac Asimov

9.      The Moon is a Harsh Mistress—Robert Heinlein

10.   A princess of Mars—Edgar Rice Birroughs

11.   A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court—Mark Twain

12.   The Childe Cycle (Dorsai series)—Gordon Dickson

13.   Slan—A.E. Van Vogt

14.   Guns of the South—Harry Turtledove

15.   Flowers for Algernon—Daniel Keyes

16.   All You Zombies—Robert Heinlein

17.   Star Guard—Andre Norton

18.   War of the Worlds—H.G. wells

19.   The Martian Chronicles—Ray Bradbury

20.   A Hymn Before Battle—John Ringo

21.   Prince of Mercenaries—Jerry Pournelle

22.   Alien Art—Jerry Pournelle

23.   Worm Ouroborus—Eric R. Eddison

24.   Glory Road—Robert Heinlein

As I could have predicted, he’s heavy on Robert Heinlein, his favorite author. I was surprised by so much Jerry Pournelle. I am scandalized by no Philip K. Dick. I am intrigued by no Stanislaw Lem. I should have included 1984 in my list, but I’ve always looked at it askance; there’s something un-science fiction about it, somehow.

Anyone with a different list, bring it on.


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