Interlude 3: Simone’s first poem!

4 Nov

(Beth overheard Simone free-styling this morning, and asked Simone to dictate the poem while Beth wrote down everything she said. It’s her first poem. She’s calling it “A Fall Poem,” and it’s dynamite. Beth didn’t alter any of her words or thoughts, and neither did I. We don’t read her much poetry, at all, and we don’t tend to recite verse out loud. She dictated two more to Beth over the course of the day. So, dear believers, they’ll be more to come.)


A Fall Poem


eyes were like diamonds.

vampires were dreadful of cake on the table.

everyone was made to stone.

tables were beautiful pink diamonds on a skirt.

people were made to be fun, to be a monster.

everyone had eyes on Wyoming.

people were beautiful class.

everyone was being a human life.

people were coming to dreadful.

everyone had cats who died.

dogs barked at gates.

everyone had eyes on books that were torn.

paper had eyes on books that you couldn’t read,

books about New York City.

your shirt is made of stars and pink ribbons.

roses were beautifully made in a garden.

falling leaves were made of orange and red and yellow and green.

kitty cats played with Hello Kitty.

vampires set cake on a table for them to eat.

pigges said oink, oink.

skeletons were made of sugar.

books were made of beautiful pink pieces of paper.


2 Responses to “Interlude 3: Simone’s first poem!”

  1. keithsterlingcox November 9, 2014 at 7:43 pm #

    Tell the young poet that I can’t wait to read more of her poems.


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    […] with Beth. The first isn’t much to speak of, but the second? She’s on to something. Here and here are her earlier poems. One more thing: except for a few cartoons, she hasn’t seen […]

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