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Interlude 1: a weird poem I found in a library book.

29 Aug

(Back to work, and the writing life stalls once again. I finished up a first draft of a new manuscript this summer, so that was something. Simone turns 5 in three months. Pearl is halfway to 3. Ye gods, the time.)

This morning, I found this note, written in a child’s handwriting, in a library book. I didn’t write it, and I haven’t edited it. I think it’s a poem of some kind, but it might just as easily be vocabulary words with a note tacked on to the end, or some type of cutup school assignment.

Here it is:

Left to itself
but once all the good land
still it gave us a chance
The government.
Wouldn’t just
print more money.

Well, I hope you arrived safely.
Hi, sweetie.
Hope you are having fun.
Don’t forget to wear a sweater in the evenings.

The handwriting was a young child’s, a light scrawl in pencil. And I think it’s supposed to be a poem, but I can’t tell for sure.

Of course, I find odd stuff all the time. Once I found a religious poem that read like a new hymn. I find discarded marginalia on post-it notes, tarot cards, even a polaroid of a new naval cadet shaking hands with George Bush.

Anyway, thought it was worth sharing.

I kept the little slip of paper.