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interlude 3: Tentative first lines of my new manuscript.

20 Sep

Well, this little National Book Award reading plan I’ve set for myself has been a mixed blessing. I have an obsessive mind, and I struggle to control it. I’ve been digging into America’s literary history, with all these little side essays, as well as reading, reading, reading. Hard to find clarity on my own stuff.

I’ve taken a break to read Jim Harrison’s The Great Leader and it is amazing. Will review when I finish it.

Anyway, my own writing has been trudging along. I haven’t yet sent the novellas out yet (You can read the first lines here), but I’ve started a new manuscript. It doesn’t have a title. I won’t tell you what it’s about. But I will share the tentative first two lines.

“Twelve strangers sit at a long dinner table; they don’t know why they are there.”

I’m close to 10,000 words. I’ve been writing in an orange moleskin notebook—it was a gift—and on little scraps of paper at work. I carry these home in my pockets and then type away. The new manuscript will necessarily slow down my blogging about the National Book Award winners, but I’m hoping to maintain one entry (almost) every week.