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Interlude 3: Pearl’s soliloquy

17 Nov
Pearl is 3. She’s a rambunctious, mischievous, spirited and often very difficult little person, but full of spitfire and vitality. Beth let both Pearl and Simone watch Mean Girls a while back, and Pearl has taken to these little soliloquies. Here’s the most recent:
I broke up with my boyfriend. he didn’t want to be with me anymore.
My dad said I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend. I said, I’m allowed to like someone! He said no. He grounded me.
My boyfriend called me stupid. He hit me with a stick. I hit him with a stick.
I got in my car, and I smashed him because he hurt me. He died.
Now he likes me again.
My old bitchy, bitchy boyfriend. He’s so bitchy.
I can’t live with myself. I just can’t.
And just this morning, Pearl and Beth were trying to leave the house:
Pearl: I’m going outside, you goddamn bitches!
Beth: Pearl . . .
Pearl: What, I’m just being awesome.