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The Taste of Others, part 7: Everywhere gays!

2 Dec

Everywhere Babies is a simple little book showing babies doing simple things with their families. Marla Frazee—a wonderful illustrator, and my second favorite behind Demi; All the World is a standout in the picture book world—does the artwork. The book shows different kinds of families, including same-sex couples. The babies are cuddled, sung to and rocked to sleep. The book’s tone isn’t political; it’s sweet. Of course, just including same-sex couples enrages some readers. The context doesn’t matter, only the concept. For people who weren’t raised in a religious household, the anger over the gay thing can seem so strange—really, why does someone in central Florida care what two men do up in Maine? They key is the sense of cultural decline. Southern Baptists in particular feel they are waging a war against relativism in the popular culture, and that any slippage in any arena is a setback for the Lord’s cause. They’re uptight, self-serious and easily angered, and therefore the perfect readers for this series of entries on the taste of others.

Most of these one-star reviews say they want a warning on the cover. What that warning would look like isn’t at all clear. Warning: this book has depictions of sinning gays! Or, Beware: This book might, maybe, perhaps, one day turn your baby into a gay!

I haven’t altered or edited these at all. These get increasingly hilarious.


Title: not for my conservative family

The pictures are cute, the text is sweet, but the book pictures several same-sex couples, which I don’t think is appropriate for such young children, at least not for mine. There needs to be some note to the book that informs that the book has pictures of the alternative families.

Title: Illustrations with Same Sex Couples

While the illustrations of the babies are adorable, I found the pictures with same sex couples to be inappropriate for my young children. I am glad I got the book from the library; it will be very easy to return!

Title: Everywhere Homosexuals

It’s gross that people are trying to introduce this sexual lifestyle to children at such a young age. There should be a warning on the cover.

Title: “concerned mom”

On the surface, this book is charming—the illustrations are masterful and the simply rhyme is captivating and heartwarming. However, there are at least four depictions of same-sex couples. Only three of these couples are pictured with babies. So, the ‘families-are-diverse and we need to reflect that’ argument doesn’t even work here. These pictures are not even subtle. We’re not talking two men walking together—there are two men with their arms around each other. And two women lying on a bed while one rocks a cradle. As the illustrator herself notes on her website, ‘Children read pictures. They really do.’ I don’t wish eternal damnation on the authors as another reviewer suggested (although I think that review is a publicity stunt). I simply want them to keep their agenda to themselves and not try to force it on my preschoolers (the target audience, by the way).

Title: Not so innocent

I agree with the prior reviewer. Although subtle and easily overlooked, the homosexual undertones of the few sketches surprised and disappointed me. Although this may be “politically correct” it is NOT biblically correct and not something I would want my children to think is OK. If you are trying to instill Christian values in your children, be very discerning as to what they are exposed. The things we may overlook…our children may not.

Title: Watch Out!

This seemingly innocent book about the beautiful things that babies do and what a joy they are to be around includes lesbian and gay parents in its illustrations. My daughter LOVES babies, so I thought this would be great! In fact, the words of the text are fabulously cute rhymes, BUT I do not need her to be exposed to these alternative “families” at such a young age. Thus, I do not recommend this book for anyone wanting to celebrate the innocence of babies.